For decades, celebrity fans have flocked to Bandarq, the domino-based card game. Famous faces from film, music, sports, and more have been drawn to Bandarq’s fun, fast-paced gameplay.

Tobey Maguire

The “Spiderman” actor’s love of poker is well known. But Tobey is also a lifelong Bandarq enthusiast who learned to play from his grandmother as a child. He reportedly hosts a weekly home Bandarq game in LA with high stakes and A-list friends. Maguire is said to be a savvy, fearless Bandarq player who bluffs with the best.

Charlie Sheen

With a penchant for gambling and card games, it’s no surprise Charlie Sheen is a fanatical Bandarq player. Stories of all-night Bandarq binges with five-figure pots during the actor’s heyday are legendary. And if money got tight, Sheen would reportedly bet fancy wristwatches or cufflinks instead of cash. The flamboyant presence of his table intimidates. 

Matt Damon

Matt Damon’s lead role in poker film “Rounders” sparked his real-life card-playing obsession. But the Oscar winner also took up Bandarq in the 2000s, getting tutored by experts. He now hosts an annual celebrity charity Bandarq tournament. Damon is regarded as an excellent Bandarq player adept at reading opponents and clever bluffing.

Rick Salomon

Paris Hilton’s infamous ex Rick Salomon has long ruled the celebrity Bandarq scene. The hotel heir and card shark has won millions playing Bandarq in underground games. Solomon destroys celebrity egos, takes huge bets, and trash-talks opponents. An intimidating presence, coupled with top-level skills, gives him an edge.


The rapper picked up bandarqq from fellow musicians and immediately fell in love with it. Stories tell of Nelly winning Bandarq pots worth hundreds of thousands on tour, sometimes right before hitting the stage. His bold betting, power reads, and killer instinct even against stronger hands make him a dangerous Bandarq opponent. 

Norm Macdonald

The late comedian was a gambling addict and a surprisingly skilled Bandarq player. Norm was a fixture in private LA celebrity games for years. He was a wild card at the Bandarq table with his quirky humor. And when he got hot, Macdonald had the skills to crush even the top pros.

Guy Laliberté

Millionaire Cirque du Soleil founder invests in professional poker. But recreational Bandarq is where Guy Laliberté truly shines. A-listers, billionaires, and athletes attend his private games. His combination of gutsy play, psychological edge, and bankroll give him celebrity Bandarq supremacy.

Phil Laak

Known as the “Unabomber” for his hooded appearance, Phil Laak is a pro poker player and a surprise Bandarq ringer. His unorthodox style, hyper-analytical skill, and ability to “go into the zone” make Laak dominant in the few celebrity Bandarq events he plays. Even seasoned celebs avoid his table if possible.